Instrumentation Valve

Type: Needle Valve / Mono Flange / DOUBLO (Ball Type & Needle Valve) / Bleed Valve / Ball Valve / Globe Valve / Gate Valve / Check valve

Design: API 6D / BS EN ISO 17292 / API 623 / API 602.

Testing Std.: API 598 / EN 12266 (Part 2)

Material: Stainless Steel (SS) /Duplex / Incoloy / Hastlloy / Monel / Titanium etc.

FORLOK® compact instrumentation Valves provide shut-off and coarse regulation of liquids and gases utilized in process and instrumentation applications. These rugged valves are manufactured from die forged & forged bar stock as per industrial designs standard with modular packing suitable for process requirement.

Additional Features:-

Needle Valve: MSS SP99. MTP (Hydro) – 9000 PSI (620 bar) / MWP (Hydro) – 6000 PSI (414 bar)

  • Hydrostatic tested to 1.5 times maximum working pressure
  • Wide variety of process connections available by arrangement
  • Bleed and blind plug are available
  • Isolation trim as standard metering trim available on request
  • Panel mounting valve available on request
  • All valve are individually boxed for protection system available
  • Valves have trace code on body with original mill certificate available all to en10204-3.1.
  • Bonnet locking pin safely lock bonnet to body

Ball Valve

  • Flexible seat design ensures leak-tight seal in both low & high-pressure systems
  • Quarter-turn actuation with Pneumatic and electric actuators
  • Optional vent Plug

Needle Valve / Globe Valve

  • Safety Bonnet anti rotating locking arrangement prevents detachment of the bonnet from the body due to vibration & mishandling
  • Metal to Metal Sealing (Body -Bonnet): Metal-to-metal seal eliminates the need for O-ring seals.
  • Self-Rotating Ball Spindle for self-positing for 100% leak-proof class VI shutoff
  • Blowout proof Stem to avoid any major accident during sudden rise in pressure
  • Metal Dust Cap with Color coding : Protect Gland seal from environmental dust & direct impact
  • Backseat Arrangement

Check Valve

  • Fixed & Adjustable Cracking Pressure
  • Resilient Seat & Metal to Metal Seat
  • Full Flow Area & low head loss

Bleed Valve

  • Compact for convenient installation.
  • Working pressures up to 10,000 psi (689 bar).
  • Back stop screw prevents accidental stem disassembly.

Mono-flange: Globe–Globe-Needle / Globe- Needle- Needle / Globe- Needle

DOUBLO:  Ball-Ball-Ball / Ball- Needle-Ball / Ball-Needle

Double Block & Bleed Valve (DBB) to replace conventional multiple-valve installations currently in use for interface with pressure measuring systems. By combining customer specified valves into a single forged Block, the number of leak paths is considerably reduced and the mass of the system is lowered reducing the stresses from loading and vibration. As a result of which substantially improves installation and operational safety factors.  Reduction in leakage path connections together with a one-piece solution also provides positive installation cost.


  • A one-piece integral forging incorporating up to 3 ball valves or mixture of ball and needle design.
  • Strong construction produced from one piece grain flow controlled forged body.
  • Various flow and valve configurations available allowing true flexibility to meet all customer requirements.
  • Mono-flange more compact than DOUBLO®, adding further space and weight saving possibilities.
  • Improved safety leak paths reduced by up to 60%, less susceptibility to vibration
  • Installation and  component  costs reduced by up to 50%
  • Weight reduction of up to 65%
  • Ergonomically designed operating handles with low torque function.
  • Incorporation of standard Flange end connection (ASME B16.5) & Threaded (NPT – ANSI 1.20.1)
  • Needle valve technology and state of the art Globe O.S. &Y Design.