Instrument Tube Fitting

Type: Tube Fittings / Hex Fittings / Special Fittings / Spares / Port Connector / Tubes

Size: 1/4" – 1” (Inches) 6mm – 25mm (Metric)

Testing Std : ASTM F1387

Material : Stainless Steel (SS) / Duplex / Incoloy / Hastlloy / Monel / Titanium / etc…

Hi-Tech Geometry

In this Fittings the front ferrule is driven between the fitting body and cap over the tubing to create a primary compression seal; while the back ferrule hinges inward by biting into the tube surface to create a strong grip on the tube. The back ferrule geometry allows for an improved engineering hinging-collecting action that translates axial motion into radial swaging action on the tube, yet operates with low assembly torque requirement.

Zero Fugitive Emission:  Excellent gas-tight sealing and consistent reassembly help ensure accurate measurements of process parameters Vibration (Tube bite) – Nitriding hardening process and back-ferrule geometry provide excellent vibration fatigue resistance and tube support – even in harsh or stressful.

Thermal Shock – The elastic, live-loaded Double-ferrule design compensates for changes in temperature during system start-up and shutdown and helps eliminate leakage related to rapid thermal expansion or contraction.

Axial Tension – Hi-tech Geometry of back ferrule improved engineering hinging action that convert axial load to radial.

International Industrial Standard – Forlok ® compliance International material, manufacturing, & testing standard.

Installation & Gaugeablility:

  • Easy to Install
  • No torque is transmitted to tubing during installation
  • Fro-Gauge maximum safety resulting from ability to verify correct tube insertion & proper tightening